All aboard the Toonerville Trolley.

When I was growing up, I loved checking out library books that featured comics from yesteryear. One book I enjoyed had a collection of comics from a strip called Toonerville Trolley. It portrayed life in the small village of Toonerville and featured a cast of unforgettable characters such as Mickey (himself) McGuire, the terrible-tempered Mr. Bang, Tomboy Taylor, and of course, the Skipper that runs the trolley line that runs around the village.
Now I have my own copy of that same book that so enchanted me as a kid. I bought it used from Barnes and Noble’s web site, and despite the book’s aged appearance, it still serves as a magic carpet ride to the world of yesteryear.
Or in this case, a magical trolley ride.
Toonerville Trolley is a look back at a way of life that no longer exists today. The village was small enough where the residents knew each other and everyone knew what was going on around town. Life was slow and easy back then, and many of the townspeople passed the time by walking around the village to see what was going on with their neighbors.
I really admire the skill of the strip’s creator, Fontaine Fox. He could draw scenes of village life with a few quick strokes of the pen. His drawings were simple but humorous, and they did much to capture an era that has long since passed.
Today we no longer have small towns where life was slow and easy. Instead we have huge cities where life travels at the speed of light. People today have fast paced lifestyles with stress and anxiety as their primary side effects.
I’d really love to visit Toonerville sometime.

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