And you thought office work sucked.

Next time you think about how dull your job at the office has been, just be thankful you don’t work at a hospital. That’s where I used to work, and even doing computer work there can be scary.
One time I was working at a computer at the registration desk in the emergency room when a man walked into the ER and sat down in front of the desk where I was working. When one of the clerks asked how she could help him, the man calmly replied, “I’m having a heart attack.”
As the clerk attempted to get his name, the man started groaning and was sweating heavily. A team of nurses came out with a wheelchair to help him in, but by then he was unconscious. His eyes were still halfway open and staring straight ahead. It was pretty scary.
On my way out I walked through the emergency room itself, where I saw the man in one of the beds and being attended to by some nurses. They were giving him CPR and attempting to revive him. I walked on, knowing I had just witnessed the scariest moment in my entire computer career.

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