AutoIt pinger bomber script.

This is an AutoIt script that destroys a target computer by bombarding it with a huge amount of pings in a short period of time. Be VERY careful as this script will really slow down your network and will actually render the target computer useless. This script destroyed 3 computers at the office where I work so I have a hunch it works as planned.

$target=InputBox (“Ping Bomber”, “Enter target to destroy: “)
ProgressOn(“Ping Bomber”, “Ping bombing ” & $target, “Initializing…”)
sleep (5000)
For $i = 10 to 100 step 10
ProgressSet( $i, $i * 125 * $i & ” pings sent”)
ProgressSet(100 , “”, “Target destroyed!”)

You didn’t think I’d really make something this dangerous, did you? Actually the script is completely harmless and doesn’t even send out one peep of a ping. It does ask for some input and displays a scary-looking progress bar that does nothing but look scary. Then it displays a message telling you the target has been destroyed.
Still, the script will come in handy as a good means of stress relief. For the target you can type in “the creep in the red Mustang that cut me off this morning” and a smile will come to your face as you imagine the pings bombarding the car to the size of a soda can.

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