Fun with the Ultimate Boot CD.

The Ultimate Boot CD is a bootable CD with a huge collection of diagnostic tools for troubleshooting and fixing your computer. The latest version has a script that installs UBCD to your USB drive so you can launch it by booting your computer from the USB drive.
UBCD’s real power lies in its ability to boot from floppy disk images and CD-based ISO images. That opens a whole new world of possibilities. One essential tool that definitely belongs on the UBCD is MadBoot, which has utilities for helping you check out your system and install Windows from your CD’s.
For some added fun, you should add a floppy disk image containing a working copy of Windows 3.11. Some geniuses managed to figure out how to make it fit on a single floppy disk. I got my copy from the China DOS Union some years ago but don’t know if they still have it available. It’s really fun for freaking out your friends and makes for a nice trip down memory chip lane.
More challenging is putting one of the Linux distro’s on the UBCD. There are certain files you have to copy from the CD to the UBCD or it won’t work when you launch it from within UBCD. You also have to put in an entry in the menu along with the needed parameters for it to launch correctly.
I’ve taken a shot at putting INSERT and Trinity Rescue Kit on my USB key drive but they don’t finish starting up before crashing. Despite getting some clues from the ISOLINUX.CFG file in the ISOLINUX folder that tells me what files to copy, I just haven’t gotten either of those two distro’s to work yet. I’ll have to play with it some more and will definitely post what I did to make it finally work.
But the only Linux distro I did get to work is Damn Small Linux, or DSL. DSL certainly lives up to its name by packing a lot of Linux in a 50MB file. A tutorial for installing DSL on your USB key drive can be found in the UBCD forums. Hopefully there will be more tutorials for the other distro’s I’ve been having trouble with.

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