The ultimate uninstaller.

Revo Uninstaller is a freeware uninstall tool I consider a real find. When you use this gem to remove a program you no longer need, it launches the program’s uninstaller to remove the program, much like Windows’ Add/Remove function. However, after the program is removed, Revo Uninstaller kicks in to scan the registry and hard disk for anything left behind and lets you delete what it finds. I used it to remove the RealOne Player and couldn’t believe how much was left behind in the registry. Why didn’t RealOne’s uninstaller remove those entries? It doesn’t matter, Revo Uninstaller took care of it.
Revo Uninstaller has some other useful tools including a file shredder to irrecoverably delete your files, an evidence remover that clears your free space, a tracks cleaner to remove traces of your computer usage and a junk files remover that can free up lots of disk space. I like its very cool hunter mode that lets you stop and remove programs by dropping its icon on the program’s window.
What a great program. Too bad I hadn’t found it sooner.

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