Introducing WartNose.

WartNose is certainly one of the more interesting Microsoft Agent characters I’ve come across. He isn’t like the other mild-mannered characters out there. As he stand there on your desktop, WartNose belches and farts while intimidating you with his in-your-face attitude. Yet you can’t help but adore him.
WartNose can be found at this site (look for WartNose.acs) along with other Agent characters you can use in programs that employ Microsoft Agent technology. Such programs check your e-mail and announce the time.
Here’s a quick VB script that demonstrates what WartNose can do. Make sure the WartNose.acs file is in your C:\WINDOWS\MSAGENT\CHARS folder.

strAgentPath = “c:\windows\msagent\chars\WartNose.acs”
Set objAgent = CreateObject(“Agent.Control.2”)

objAgent.Connected = TRUE
objAgent.Characters.Load strAgentName, strAgentPath
Set objCharacter = objAgent.Characters.Character(strAgentName)

objCharacter.Play “Greet”
objCharacter.Play “Announce”
objCharacter.Play “Fart”
objCharacter.Play “Explain”
objCharacter.Speak “Scary, aren’t I?”
objCharacter.Play “ExplainReturn”

Do While objCharacter.Visible = TRUE
Wscript.Sleep 250

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