Yet another virtual desktop manager.

VirtuaWin is another virtual desktop manager I found. This one is really cool. You can create up to 20 virtual desktops and easily navigate to each desktop using your mouse.
VirtuaWin can easily be set up to run portably from your USB key drive. During the program setup, you’ll be asked where to save the user configuration, as shown in the following screen:

Check the option for portable app support and click NEXT. In the next window you’ll be asked for the path for storing the configuration file. Here I type CONFIG and click NEXT.

After the program finishes installing, I just copy VirtuaWin’s files from its program folder under Program Files to my USB key drive. When I run VirtuaWin from the USB drive, it creates a folder called CONFIG which will store the program’s settings.
If you’re looking for a virtual desktop manager that’s both useful and visually appealling, go with Yod’m. If you’re looking for one with some serious functionality, go with VirtuaWin. Either way you won’t be disappointed.

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