Travelling through Digital Space.

Digital Space Traveler is a totally different kind of chat program. You can create your own 3-D avatar and then travel to 3-D worlds where you can chat with other people by speaking in your microphone. You could actually hear their voices as they answered back. It was really cool.
I remember when this program was popular enough to have plenty of people online to talk to but nowadays the rooms are empty with no one but myself.
However, I did find someone to talk to tonight. One of the system operators was online and I chatted with him to find out how Digital Space has been doing. They are still getting new users from time to time. He then told me of a chat room with some people in it before I knew it I was in a room with 6 diehard fans. We certainly had a fun time.
I’m really glad this program is still in use and that people are still finding out about it. I hope Digital Space Traveler will be around for a long time to come.


  1. OzGate says:

    I hope to keep it alive but I am presently looking for a suitaqble university to relaunch the OzGate community. Wish me luck 😀

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