Requiem for a dying mall.

The Palm Beach Mall really brings back lots of memories. I remember the days when it was a thriving place to shop, with stores selling everything from music to books to computer games.
I have fond memories of visiting some of the stores that were once in business at the mall. I still remember there being a store called The Barefoot Mailman that had a nice selection of novelty gifts. I also remember a Woolworth’s being in business before that chain ceased to exist.
I remember browsing at Waldenbooks, getting my computer games from Babbage’s, buying music cassettes at Spec’s and checking out the latest gag gifts at Spencer Gifts. I also remember there being a Jordan Marsh department store.
The Palm Beach Mall even had a pet store that had cute puppies for sale. There was also a small movie theater that showcased the latest blockbusters. And of course, I remember depositing my quarters in the video games at the arcade.
All that is gone now. Mostly it’s discount stores that sell cheap clothes and perfume. Not exactly the same as the good old days, though.
My list of reasons to continue shopping at the Palm Beach Mall keeps getting shorter each week as more and more stores there close in anticipation of the upcoming remodeling efforts to turn the mall into an outdoor shopping center. It’s disheartening to go to the mall and see my favorite stores gone.
Sbarro, my favorite Italian eatery, is gone.

Tilt, the mall’s lone video game arcade, is gone.

Here’s a look inside the empty arcade. Where did my favorite video games go?

Dillard’s is gone. They just closed last week.

Even the candy store’s gone.

The entire mall is turning into a ghost town. I certainly admire the remaining stores’ stubborn desire to hang on as long as they can while knowing they too will have to go.

I really miss the good old days at the Palm Beach Mall.

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