Here are some old ANSI screens that I made many years ago using a shareware program called TheDRAW. Some of them once appeared on various Bulletin Board Systems that were so common during those days. Ahh, what memories of hanging out on the old boards with a 2400 baud modem. To keep those memories from fading, I have posted some of my favorite screens here. Here’s to the good old days.
This first screen was one I made promoting the Palm Beach Users Group’s annual computer show featuring my demonstration of the Internet.

This is a splash screen I made for the Utilities/ANSI sub-board on the P-BUG BBS in which I was sub-sysop. There I uploaded useful MS-DOS programs to the file library and posted about them in the sub-board. It was also a good place to show off my ANSI screens.

Here’s a screen I made for a BBS called The Question Box. Its sysop needed a screen for the board’s jokes section, so he called upon me to make a screen for him. My screen making skills were in much demand back in those days.

I’ll be posting more of my ANSI screens in future posts.

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