Classic DOS games.

My very first computer was a Leading Edge brand computer with a 80286 processor, 640KB memory, 16-color EGA graphics card and a 30MB hard drive. Its primary operating system was MS-DOS 3.20. Here’s a listing of games I enjoyed back then, all of them now freeware and available from Apogee’s web site. They’re still fun to play even with their simple graphics. The games listed below all work with DOSBox.

The Monuments of Mars – This was the very first game I played. I had downloaded it from a BBS and loved it so much that I sent away for the full four-volume saga. It’s still just as fun to play as it was when I first played it, even with its 4-color CGA graphics.

Pharaoh’s Tomb – Another CGA classic that takes you inside an Egyptian pyramid filled with puzzles, prizes and peril.

Arctic Adventure – This CGA sequel to Pharaoh’s Tomb sends our brave adventurer to the frigid world of the Arctic to find the missing pieces of a map that lead to buried treasure.

Dark Ages – Now we work our way up to 16-color EGA graphics with this fantasy adventure in which a brave warrior battles an army of strange creatures during his quest to defeat an evil wizard named Garth. This was the first shareware game to feature actual in-game music.

I once owned these games myself on 5 1/4″ floppy disks.

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