Update on karaoke in Palm Beach County.

I got the following response to an earlier post in which I recommended some good karaoke spots in Palm Beach County.

We need to have a quarterly Karaoke report … as of today, Rich Bonano (Karaoke Spotlight) isn’t working the Palm Beach Shores venue and I would really, really like to know if he found a new home for the summer.

Next best would be another, similarly laid-back KJ in reach of Singer Island.

Any ideas?

After reading this response I sent Rich an e-mail to find out what he’s been up to lately. It had been too long since my friends and I had gone to his show at the Best Western motel in Singer Island because we just didn’t like how the management at the Top of the Spray lounge there had him under their iron grip. For one thing, karaoke was set to start at 7:30 and was to run until 10:30 when the lounge closed.
Rich responded to my e-mail, saying that he is in fact no longer doing karaoke shows at Top of the Spray. Business has been so bad at the motel lately that they just let him go after 21 years. However, he is doing a new Wednesday night show at The Palm Beach Shores Resort just down the street and it sounds like he’s very happy there. On top of that he’s still doing his Tuesday night shows at Panama Hattie’s on PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens.
I’ve since found another great karaoke show that’s always fun. Cowboy Calbert runs his shows at various locations in the Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens area. They may not be as laid back as Rich’s shows were but they’re always a great time. Calbert himself is a very nice guy and he really knows how to get the crowd going.
Karaoke with Alex is still a fun show. On Sunday nights he does a show at Little Munich, a restaurant run by his family in Lake Worth. The food there is excellent and the karaoke show has gotten so popular that it now starts an hour early for more singing fun. It’s become one of my favorite karaoke spots.
However, Tommy’s Tunes has become the one karaoke show we avoid at all costs. The KJ himself is rude, arrogant and conceited. He even worked up the nerve to tell us not to come back to this shows unless we buy more alcoholic drinks. It sounds like he’s more interested in money and getting his guests drunk. He succeeded in losing a show at the Duffy’s Restaurant here in West Palm Beach after his customers got so drunk and rowdy they nearly wrecked the restaurant. Going to his shows will wreck your wallet just the same.
Thanks for writing in, Dave, and special thanks for getting me back in touch with Rich. I’ll try to post karaoke news here as often as I can.

One thought on “Update on karaoke in Palm Beach County.

  1. Hi there… I would like to introduce a new karaoke host in the area! Karaoke Dude Florida!
    You can find him at Madhatters in Tequesta, on Tequesta Drive on Thursday from 9-1 Feb 4th and 11th, hopefully every week! You can also catch him appearing at The Watering Hole on Wednesdays from 8-10 hosting Acoustic Open Mic Nights! They have one of the best songbooks I have ever seen!!!

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