Strange lizard sighting in parking lot.

When I got home from work a few days ago, I spotted a strange-looking lizard in the parking lot. It wasn’t moving but just standing there and casually observing its surroundings. It didn’t even mind that a neighbor was unloading her car just a few feet away. I went inside to get my camera for these pictures. Again, the lizard didn’t mind me standing just inches away.

After taking some pictures I went inside to put the camera away. But when I came back outside a few minutes later to check on the lizard, it was still there. I began to worry about the lizard’s safety since it was far enough out in the parking lot for it to be run over. So I picked up a stick and rubbed its chest, ever so gently. Its eyes moved downward to examine the stick but didn’t move, but eventually it got the message and finally got up to scurry across the parking lot and up a nearby tree. I took this one last picture before it disappeared in the tree, finally safe and sound.

I haven’t seen a lizard like this before. I wonder what kind it is.

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