If you update your Java runtime environment software regularly, you’ll notice that the previous version of the software isn’t removed. Pretty soon, you’ll have a long list of older versions of Java in your Add/Remove Programs. Removing these older versions one at a time can be rather time consuming, but there’s a better way. JavaRa is a small but very handy tool that quickly removes these older versions from your disk and registry, leaving the current version intact. This is also a great way to free up tons of disk space.
I like JavaRa so much that I’ve included it in my suite of programs I run every month on the computers I do maintenance on. I run these programs from an AutoIt script for quick access. I did notice a minor annoyance that’s actually a new feature in the latest version. If you use JavaRa in a script that uses a path structure to run it without changing to its folder first, you’ll get this error:

Could not find JavaRa.def! Be sure the definition file resides in the same directory JavaRa.exe is in.

This is really not a big deal since most likely you’re already running JavaRa from the folder you’re in, but for me it’s a small headache. I have had to insert a line in my script so that it changes to the JavaRa folder before running it and since then I have had no further problems.

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