Recording radio shows with Audacity.

I just figured out a way to have Audacity automatically record my favorite radio shows at a certain time and have it export the recording to MP3 format, all without my sitting at the computer. All you’ll need to do this is a copy of AutoIt and a few scripts. You’ll also need a sound card with some RCA inputs and a Y-cable with RCA connectors at one end and a 3.5mm stereo plug at the other. This is what I have:

I simply plug the stereo plug into my sound source, which can be my radio or even my police scanner. Then I tune the source to the radio station carrying the program I want to record and leave the radio turned on. It doesn’t hurt to do a few test recordings in Audacity to make sure the volume level is properly set.

Then I set up the Windows Task Scheduler to launch a compiled AutoIt script at a specified time which controls the mouse cursor to move it to the RECORD button and send a left click to start recording. This is the single line from that script, which I named “start recording.au3”.

MouseClick (“left”, 229, 68)

This should work on computers with a desktop resolution of 1280 x 1024, which happens to be the display setting my monitor uses. If this script doesn’t work for you, use the A3Info utility to locate the coordinates for the Record button.
I then go back into Task Scheduler and set up a time for my second compiled script to run, one that moves the mouse to the STOP button to stop recording and save the recording as an MP3 file. It even fills in the ID3 tags for you. Here’s the source code for that script, appropriately named “stop recording.au3”.

; Click the STOP button
MouseClick (“left”,329, 69,1,100)

; Save the MP3 file
MouseClick (“left”, 15, 30,1,100)
MouseClick (“left”,50,250,1,100)
sleep (1000)
Send (“Broadcast – ” & @MON & “-” & @MDAY & “-” & @HOUR & “-” & @MIN & “{ENTER}”)
sleep (1000)

; Fill in ID3 tag fields for MP3 file
MouseClick (“left”,572, 434,1,100)
Send (“Recorded on ” & @MON & “/” & @MDAY & “/” & @YEAR & ” at ” & @HOUR & “:” & @MIN)
MouseClick (“left”,573, 466,1,100)
Send (@UserName)
MouseClick (“left”,760, 578,1,50)

; Select OTHER for genre
send (“o”)
sleep (100)
send (“o”)
MouseClick (“left”,759, 533,50)

; Export recording as MP3
MouseClick (“left”,678, 650)

I’ve given this script a test run and it works well. I will never again miss another broadcast of my favorite radio shows.

2 thoughts on “Recording radio shows with Audacity.

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