Happy 2010, I think.

mjbdiver> Hello room!
ralph> oh no mjbdivers back, i thought u banned him dragon??
dragon> dont worry ralph, i’m watching him
mjbdiver> only 30 seconds until 2010!
dragon> mjbdiver: watch it
ralph> let me guess divers going to start talking about some ball now???
mjbdiver> the ball’s starting its descent!
ghost> what ball?
dragon> mjbdiver: DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT
ghost> now divers going to start flooding the room again
mjbdiver> 15 seconds!
ralph> 15 seconds until what?
ghost> kick diver pleeeeaaassee
dragon> mjbdiver: LAST WARNING
mjbdiver> 10!
ralph> im going to bed now, this is going to get ugly
ghost> me too, eyelids getting heavy
mjbdiver> 9!
*** You have been kicked off channel #chat by dragon (SEE U NEXT YEAR)



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