What a MESS.

MESS stands for Multiple Emulator Super System and is the Swiss Army Knife of emulators. It can emulate hundreds of computer systems, from old computers to classic video game consoles. While it does take some work to set up one of the many virtual machines to work under MESS as you have to locate and install the appropriate ROM files, the work will be worth it as you’ll be able to have various virtual systems at your disposal from one program. How to do this is all described in the documentation.
It didn’t take me long to get this gem up and running. Once I had the Intellivision ROMS in place, I was able to enjoy a quick game of Snafu. I also found that some of the classic gaming consoles will run right out of the box, such as the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis consoles. All they need are some game ROMS, which you can easily find on the Web.
I’m already having a blast with this very cool emulator. It’s well on its way to preserving the memory of the old computer systems of yesterday.

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