BBS days revisited.

I still have fond memories of dialing into some of the Bulletin Board Systems that were so common years ago before the Internet came into full swing. All I needed was communications software, a modem and the phone number of the BBS I wanted to visit. You didn’t even need a fast modem to enjoy these boards, in fact you could enjoy a decent BBS experience with a 2400bps modem. It may seem slow by today’s standards but back then it seemed fast enough.
How awesome it is to visit these old days again. Recently I came across a list of BBSes that are still in operation, easily accessible with your favorite telnet client. Those old days of colorful text, ANSI graphics and being able to interact with other callers are back again, at least for me. These BBSes need to be preserved as a reminder of what life was like before the Internet.
I even joined a BBS, something I haven’t done in years. This BBS called The Mushroom Cloud and has everything I remember from the good old days, with file transfers, chatting with the sysop, message boards and online games. Who knows, maybe I’ll even see you there someday.

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