Suspicious job alert.

Since posting my resume online I’ve been getting lots of e-mail from recruiters and job sites offering help with my job search. While a lot of these e-mails originate from legitimate sources, there’s bound to be a few from the dark side of the Internet, such as this one:

like to know if you can get this work done for me, I have 7
Pentium M HP laptops,Below is a list of work needed to be done on each Pc.
 1.Format Hard Drive
 2.Install Win Xp with Service Pack 3
 3.Install Microsoft Office Package
 4.AVG Virus Software
 5.Adobe Acrobat Reader
Get back to me with your total cost for the service
I await your urgent response

This is the second time I received this e-mail but it appears to come from a different sender. When I received a similar e-mail a few months ago, I had responded to the sender with a question to clarify what he meant by “total cost for the service”. He responded by repeating what he mentioned in the first e-mail.
I did a quick search on Google on this e-mail and found a forum with an ongoing discussion about what appears to be a job scam. Whoever’s behind this clearly has intentions other than helping end the ongoing unemployment crisis.

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