Fighting software piracy with Crack Tracker.

I certainly feel for you software developers out there. It’s certainly hard to earn a decent living writing shareware programs when hacked copies of your programs are already available for free download on file sharing web sites such as RapidShare and FilesTube. I myself have seen what’s available on those sites and it’s just mind blowing to see what you can download there. I tend to avoid downloading such programs as I’m not sure what else might be included in the download, such as viruses and spyware. It’s way safer to download the program from the author’s web site and to purchase a license if it serves you well. That way you support the author’s efforts gone into writing the program, and that’s always a good feeling.
The author of the famed Xplorer2 file manager has created a new tool called Crack Tracker that helps reduce software piracy by searching for hacked copies of your programs on the various file sharing web sites. It then prepares an e-mail listing the links to these hacked copies so you can send the e-mail to a human contact at each file sharing site to have those copies removed. Since these file sharing web sites subscribe to the principles of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, they’ll be glad to remove those programs for you, making them harder to find. That’s good news for you as you’ll finally start making some sales.

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