Save public broadcasting.

Those wacky Republicans are at it again. No doubt you’ve heard about their ongoing efforts to cut funding to NPR and PBS, the very core of public broadcasting. I myself enjoy listening to public radio and get most of my news from NPR. I can name plenty of programs I enjoy on public radio, such as Car Talk, All Things Considered, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and definitely A Prairie Home Companion. It will be a very dark day on Earth when these programs disappear from the airwaves.
Fortunately there is an ongoing movement to give ordinary citizens the voice to tell Congress not to de-fund NPR and PBS. As it turns out, public broadcasting uses a very, very small amount of government funding, making this one of the best uses of taxpayer dollars. It’s worth keeping NPR and PBS on the air where they belong.
There’s still time for you to get involved. CREDO Action has an online petition you can sign that has already collected over 366,000 signatures.
170 Million Americans For Public Broadcasting has ways for you to instantly e-mail your local representative with pretyped e-mails to address your concerns. It only takes a few seconds but can make a huge difference.

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