The ultimate maze program.

For the longest time I’ve been searching for a maze program that generates mazes and then renders them to 3-D so they can be explored through a first-person interface, similar to first-person shooter games but without the violence and the carnage. Instead you have to concentrate on solving the maze and finding the exit.

Daedalus is just the maze program I’ve been looking for. It generates a wide assortment of mazes and allows you to edit them to your liking. Then you can easily render them to 3-D and start exploring.

Daedalus has its own macro and scripting interface for creating your own games and includes plenty of samples to play with, including an interesting variation of Pac-Man as seen from the famous muncher’s point of view. There’s also a very cool rendering of the famed Mandelbrot fractal that offers a very colorful view when seen from a first-person perpective. Navigating around the fractal in 3-D is a very trippy experience and must be seen to be believed.

This is a very fun program to play with if you enjoy mazes as much as I do. What a real find.

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