Speak & Spell lives.

One of the more memorable toys from the 1980’s has got to be Speak & Spell from Texas Instruments. This battery-powered wonder made it fun to sharpen your spelling skills by pronouncing words to spell and then having you type them through its built-in keyboard. It also played a hangman-style game by having you guess the letters of a randomly selected word. While I never owned a Speak & Spell, I certainly remember playing with one, either at a friend’s house or at one of the stores where it was sold.
Not surprisingly, there are simulators for Speak & Spell that are devoted to keeping the memory of this great toy alive. Speak & Spell Online is a Flash-based simulator whose only available mode is the spelling game but it’s still lots of fun.
If you’re looking for a downloadable simulator that faithfully reproduces all of Speak & Spell’s functions, including the guessing game, you’ll want to grab a copy of SASS here. It too is lots of fun and will really bring back those childhood memories.

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