AutoHotkey piano.

The very second I found out that AutoHotkey has a command for sounding a beep through your speakers, I immediately thought of creating a nonsense script that lets you play your keyboard like a piano. And here it is.

*z::SoundBeep, 262,100
*s::SoundBeep, 277,100
*x::SoundBeep, 294,100
*d::SoundBeep, 311,100
*c::SoundBeep, 330,100
*v::SoundBeep, 349,100
*g::SoundBeep, 369,100
*b::SoundBeep, 392,100
*h::SoundBeep, 415,100
*n::SoundBeep, 440,100
*j::SoundBeep, 466,100
*m::SoundBeep, 494,100
*,::SoundBeep, 523,100
*l::SoundBeep, 554,100
*.::SoundBeep, 587,100
*;::SoundBeep, 622,100
*/::SoundBeep, 659,100
*q::SoundBeep, 523,100
*2::SoundBeep, 554,100
*w::SoundBeep, 587,100
*3::SoundBeep, 622,100
*e::SoundBeep, 659,100
*r::SoundBeep, 698,100
*5::SoundBeep, 739,100
*t::SoundBeep, 783,100
*6::SoundBeep, 830,100
*y::SoundBeep, 880,100
*7::SoundBeep, 932,100
*u::SoundBeep, 987,100
*i::SoundBeep, 1046,100
*9::SoundBeep, 1109,100
*o::SoundBeep, 1175,100
*0::SoundBeep, 1244,100
*p::SoundBeep, 1318,100
*[::SoundBeep, 1397,100
*=::SoundBeep, 1480,100
*]::SoundBeep, 1568,100
*\::SoundBeep, 1760,100

I used this page to set the approximate frequencies of the musical notes, including those for sharps and flats. The “Z” key  is middle C and the “Q” key is higher C. While this script is running you won’t be able to use your keyboard for anything but making weird beeps, which is the last thing your boss wants to hear during his regular strolls through your office. You have been warned.

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