Secure file deletion with Freeraser.

As I frequently state in my blog posts, deleting a file doesn’t actually remove the file from your disk. In fact, there are freeware programs such as Recuva that can easily recover deleted files, something you don’t want if your file contains confidential data. If you want to delete such a file, you’ll want to use a file shredder that overwrites the contents of the file with other data before it’s finally removed from the disk.
I’ve tried numerous file shredders, but my favorite one is Freeraser. It displays an icon resembling Windows’ recycle bin that renders itself transparent so it won’t be in your way. When you’re ready to destroy a file, just drag it to the Freeraser icon and, after confirming you really want to shred the file, Freeraser does the rest. You can configure the overwrite scheme, from replacing the file with random data in one pass to a very thorough 35-pass overwrite, which takes much longer but renders the file impossible to recover for true piece of mind.

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