The scariest pop-up on the Internet.

Just moments ago I experienced a moment of absolute terror on the Internet, a moment of fear unmatched by any screamer video on YouTube or scary Flash movie anywhere. No, this was a moment far scarier than anything I’ve ever seen online, and it’s one that made me nearly jump out of my hide.
The new champion of the scariest pop-up on the entire Internet is this gentleman dressed in white.

I was browsing through some web sites to catch up on some of my favorite comics when all of a sudden this scary man dressed in white appeared out of nowhere and started talking about ways to lower my electric bills. My mouse must have rolled over some booby-trapped ad on the page that triggered the scary pop-up that’s going to give me nightmares for a long time to come. Obviously these advertisers are resorting to sneaky tactics to sell their products by scaring you half to death.
I really miss the old days of the Internet where you could browse the web without scary men dressed in white popping up to scare you senseless. If this kind of terror keeps up, the next man in white I’ll see will be the one who’s stationed in front of the Pearly Gates.

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