The perils of unsecured Wi-Fi.

This story stresses the importance of securing your wireless router. If left unsecured, not only can your neighbors or anybody within range get on your network, they can also engage in illegal online activities with your Internet connection. Even worse, when the authorities show up at your door, you’ll be the one in trouble even though you didn’t do anything and proving your innocence from that point will be difficult. I can imagine how emotionally draining this must be.
Not surprisingly, there are other wireless networks within range of mine and only one of those is unsecured. I can only hope its owner takes the needed steps to secure it soon.
If you have a wireless router and haven’t secured it already, take a few minutes and configure your wireless network to require a password to log on and use one of the router’s security modes, preferably WPA2-Personal. It may be a hassle to set up a password on your router and then configure your wireless device to use that password, but this only needs to be done once.
I have my own wireless network at home and can appreciate the need to implement security measures to keep my network safe from hackers. I use the WPA2-Personal mode myself and generated the 63-character pre-shared key using KeePass Password Safe, complete with letters, numbers and symbols. I change this pre-shared key every few months.
Your wireless router should have a built-in web site for configuring and securing your network (usually or You should also create a password for logging on the router itself for added security.
For even more security and if your wireless router supports it, enable the Wireless MAC filter and select the option to allow only the listed PC’s to access your wireless network. Then edit the list accordingly to allow only your wireless devices to access the network.
There may be some extra work involved in implementing these security measures, but once everything’s configured and secure, the peace of mind that follows is priceless.

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