Trippiest. Screensaver. Ever.

Electric Sheep is the most mind-blowing, psychedelic and trippiest screensaver I have ever seen with these two eyes. It displays a series of animations that blend color, pattern and motion into a very mesmerizing light show that will leave you spellbound and hungry for more.
And there’s certainly more where these animations come from. They’re actually downloaded from the Internet, and with the help of other computers also running the Electric Sheep screensaver, new morphing abstract animations known as “sheep” are being created constantly. As you watch these animations, you can vote on your favorite “sheep” to further influence their development. For the advanced user, there are tools available for creating your own “sheep” and submitting them to the server for all the clients to work on. But for the average user, it’s fun just to watch the animations and vote on your favorites, which is enough to determine how future animations will be developed. I have seen some truly mind-blowing animations with this screensaver, and what’s really exciting is you’ll never know what’s coming next. Who knows, maybe something even more mesmerizing than what you’ve seen already.

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