The 128MB Project.

One of my ongoing projects is to see how much usefulness I can cram into a 128MB flash drive. Aye, I do have USB flash drives of much larger capacity but the 128MB drive I have can be attached to a keychain so I can carry my favorite programs wherever I go. Narrowing down the programs I use most to the ones to keep on the flash drive has been a challenging task but worth the effort. Here’s my list of programs of what’s on my 128MB flash drive at the moment, a tasty mix of freeware, open source and shareware programs.

  • 3d Traceroute – The ultimate network toolkit that does pings, traceroutes, port scanning, atomic clock sync and so much more. Freeware.
  • AutoHotkey – A terrific keyboard and mouse macro program. Freeware.
  • Bochs – A x86 emulator along with a 30MB virtual hard disk containing MS-DOS 3.20 and programs I saved from my family’s old home computer, including an installation of Windows 3.0. This has such a heavy sentimental value I just had to put it on my flash drive. Open source.
  • CCleaner – The quintessential system cleaner. Whenever someone needs my help speeding up their computer, this is the first program I run. Freeware.
  • Classic99 – A TI 99/4A emulator I use often to keep alive the memory of my family’s very first home computer. Freeware.
  • Windows CleanUp! – Another fine system cleaner. This one is able to clean temporary files for all the user accounts, not just your own. Freeware.
  • ColorConsole – A command console with color settings and fast browsing to folders for running commands from the good old prompt. Freeware.
  • Defraggler – A terrific disk defragmenter. Freeware.
  • Delicious – I always keep a backup copy of my bookmarks saved on Delicious.
  • DiDa Pro – A shareware HTML editor with instant preview.
  • Drag’n’Crypt ULTRA – My favorite data encryptor that makes file security as easy as drag and drop. Freeware.
  • EssentialPIM – This has for to be the best Personal Information Manager out there. I use it to store my e-mail contacts and notes. Freeware.
  • File Scavenger – A shareware data recovery tool that’s come to the rescue time and time again.
  • Multi File Tool – Excellent utility for changing file attributes and time/date stamps, finding duplicate files and more. Freeware.
  • Freeraser – My favorite file shredder. Just drag and drop to its icon and it’s gone, for good. Freeware.
  • Transparent Image Viewer – An image viewer with customized transparency settings. Freeware.
  • JavaRa – Removes older, redundant versions of the Java Runtime Environment. Open source.
  • KeePass Password Safe – My password manager of choice. Open source.
  • LIKSE – An offline HTML browser with a built-in local search engine, hence the name Local Internet Keyword Search Engine. Shareware.
  • Metapath – This Explorer-like gem can can open files in existing windows of any application you like. Freeware
  • Notepad2 – This is my favorite Notepad replacement.
  • OEM Browser – A compact web browser that provides a very secure, clean and anonymous browsing environment. Shareware.
  • PMeter – A handy pixel meter with a built-in color picker and magnifier. Freeware.
  • PStart – A tray tool for launching user-defined programs. Freeware.
  • PureRa – Another excellent system cleaner that deletes temporary files often missed by the other cleaner utilities.
  • PuTTY Tray – An improved version of the famed PuTTY telnet client that saves its settings to the application folder. Freeware.
  • Recuva – A freeware data recovery tool that can also securely erase already deleted files.
  • Free Registry Defrag – Excellent tool that defragments the system registry to improve performance. Freeware.
  • Resume – I always keep a copy of my resume with me.
  • Revo Uninstaller – My favorite uninstaller tool that removes programs and their traces. Freeware.
  • Run95 – This runs just like the familiar Run dialog box from Windows 95. Freeware.
  • Sh’elf – On-demand window that functions like a windows desktop, perfect for quick access to other program folders. Freeware.
  • Square Privacy Cleaner – Privacy protection tool that removes unwanted history data from your computer. Freeware.
  • Speccy – An advanced system information tool. Freeware.
  • TrueCrypt – Free, on-the-fly disk encryption. It’s able to create small file containers that function as disk drives. Open source.
  • USBDiskEjector – The last program I run before removing my flash drive. Freeware.
  • uTorrent – I just get a kick out of having a BitTorrent client in my pocket. Yeah, I’m weird. Freeware.
  • V – A file viewer/manager with a file search tool I use instead of the one built into Windows. Shareware.
  • VisualClipboard Pro – My favorite clipboard manager. It saves all your clipboard entries and allows you to create categories to keep them organized. Freeware.
  • WinSnap – A small utility for creating and editing screenshots. Freeware.
  • xplorer2 – A shareware file manager way I use way more frequently than Windows Explorer. I run a custom-built portable edition I purchased from the author, which is money well spent.

There you have it. I try to use freeware programs whenever possible but in some cases I find it worth the money to purchase a license for a shareware program. I’ll have to make an all-freeware version of this list as I do know of some free alternatives to some of the shareware programs I listed above.

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