The Tunnel of Doom.

The Tunnel is a horror film from Australia that I rank as one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. It’s a refreshing approach to film making that’s no doubt going to have an impact on not only how movies are made but how they’re marketed as well.
This movie tells the story of a reporter and her camera crew who descend to the tunnels deep under downtown Sydney to find out the reason why the homeless people there are disappearing and not only do they find it, it finds them. That’s all I’m revealing about the plot.
The Tunnel is highly effective because it’s presented as a very convincing documentary, complete with interviews with the reporter and her cameraman as they tell the story of their ordeal. The acting is so solid that the movie feels like a reality show.
And of course, there’s the atmosphere in the tunnel itself, which is terrifying and tense as our fearless crew ventures deeper and deeper underground to explore the pitch-black halls and chambers with their flashlights and camera lights as their sole source of illumination and hoping the batteries don’t run out. Add the occasional strange sound and you have yourself the perfect horror movie. It’s one you won’t forget anytime soon.
The Tunnel isn’t rated but does contain adult language and of course the usual horror elements, so it would most likely carry an R rating should it play in theaters here in the States. To download the movie all you need is a BitTorrent client such as uTorrent. Then head to this site and download the movie torrent. You can download the subtitles here.
They say Foster’s is Australian for beer. The Tunnel is Australian for horror.

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