Regarding hearing aids.

I suffer from hearing loss and depend on hearing aids to hear properly. All my life I’ve been wearing them and have benefited from their technology as they evolved over the years.
My very first pair of hearing aids were extremely bulky and took AA sized batteries. They were held in place under my shirt by a brassiere-like harness with the wires coming out from under my collar to the earpieces in my ears. The earpieces were very hard and uncomfortable and often required an application of Vaseline to make them more tolerable to wear.
My next pair of hearing aids were over-the-ear type hearing aids, allowing them to rest directly behind my ear without unsightly wires. That was a true milestone.
I’ve since worn over-the-ear hearing aids through various models and variations that offered varying levels of noise filtration, such as ones that were remote controlled. I had access to three different levels of noise filtration that sounded like the equivalent of adjusting the tone on a stereo amplifier but still improved my hearing in noisy environments, such as restaurants. I carried a small remote control in my pocket for changing programs and switching to telecoil mode for talking on the phone.
And then came programmable hearing aids. By connecting my hearing aids to a computer, the audiologist was able to fine-tine the amplification of the hearing aids according to my specific needs. They were better equipped to filter out unneeded background noise for easier hearing anywhere.
And now we come to the hearing aids I’m wearing now, by far one of the most advanced hearing aids on the market. These hearing aids are from a company called Phonak and are also programmable, but they are much more efficient at filtering out background noise without affecting the quality of the sounds that they pick up. I rarely have to adjust the volume anymore. In fact, they got a good test when I went to a restaurant on karaoke night. The loud music sounded distorted through my previous hearing aids but with Phonak hearing aids, the music sounded cleaner and more natural.
The coolest feature of my new hearing aids is its Bluetooth capability that works with my cellphone. I wear a special adapter that hangs from my neck that I use to answer phone calls and to hear the caller’s voice directly through my hearing aids. The charger base for the adapter’s rechargeable battery doubles as an audio transmitter that connects to a TV or other sound source. I prefer to have the transmitter connected to my radio so I can listen to my favorite station through my hearing aids from anywhere in the house and still hear normally. I am seriously impressed with how far hearing aid technology has evolved over the years. Even more exciting is imagining how good the next pair of hearing aids I get will be.
I got the Phonak hearing aids at no cost to me through the Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation as part of their plan to help me find employment. They also set me up to work with a nonprofit organization to help me with my resume and my job search. My new hearing aids are giving me confidence that I can hear just as good as anyone else and never again miss a word of what’s going on. To me, that’s truly priceless.

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