Tech support for the cloud.

Last week I started training for my new job as a tech support agent for Microsoft Office 365, a relatively new subscription offering from Microsoft which takes its familiar Office applications to the cloud. Not only is it now possible to securely store your data in the cloud for easy access anywhere, but the famed suite of applications consisting of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote now run directly from the cloud and in your web browser. This is some seriously cool stuff. From what I have learned about cloud computing so far, it truly sounds like the future of computing.
I am currently undergoing five weeks of training in which I will learn all about Office 365, cloud computing and the basics of tech support. Along the way I am getting plenty of hands-on practice with SharePoint, Microsoft’s collaborative tool for creating web sites to share documents and ideas online and through the cloud.
I’m even utilizing the cloud to help me with my training. The company I am working for is striving to be ecologically responsible by not wasting paper, so it’s making all its training materials available as Word documents. My instructor had everyone in the class sign up for accounts on Windows Live, which includes a cloud-drive SkyDrive with 25 gigabytes of file storage, plenty of room for uploading my training materials for easy review anywhere there’s Internet access.
I’m already looking forward to working the phones at the call center. And who knows, should you find yourself needing some tech support for Office 365, the call center agent you speak to could very well be me.

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