Type it with Ginger.

I am currently in training to become a support agent for Microsoft. Since part of my job will involve typing e-mail responses to customers, proper spelling and grammar are of the absolute essence. Just one misspelled word or the smallest instance of bad grammar will be enough to make the customer wonder whether Microsoft’s support center is really staffed by a group of kindergarten dropouts.
Ginger is a spell checker that will make the typing part of my job easier, provided I’m allowed to install this on my computer at work. It’s proving to be really popular with my fellow trainees, and I like it so much that I have it installed on my computer at home. In fact, I am using it right now to type this post. As soon as I make a mistake in my spelling or grammar, Ginger notifies me and pops up a window to suggest some corrections to my mistakes. This program is smart.
Even though I’m very proficient in my typing, I still make the occasional mistake in my spelling and grammar, and it’s great to have this program handy to stop those embarrassing mistakes before I hit the Publish button. And we all know how the Web never forgets.

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