Whoa to my wireless network woes.

For the longest time I have been struggling to find a way for my Cisco Linksys WRT54G2 wireless router to get along with my DSL modem so I can use my laptop wirelessly. I had long suspected that the DHCP servers on both the router and the modem were assigning my computer conflicting addresses, thus causing my computer to lose its Internet connection. I had tried modifying the DHCP scope on the router and assigning a new IP address to my modem, which worked for a few weeks at best before the problem began anew.
Of all the places on the web I’ve looked to fix this problem, the solution is at Cisco’s site, and it is a solution so simple you don’t even need the setup CD. All you need to do is change your router’s default IP address to one that doesn’t conflict with your modem and then use ipconfig to renew your IP address. Once I applied this fix to my own router, my wireless network is once again in business.
It’s amazing how these simple fixes elude us.

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