Crossing the bridge to wireless bliss.

For the longest time I have been struggling with getting my Cisco Wireless WRT54G2 router to work with my Motorola 2210 modem so I can access the Internet wirelessly. I have practically scrubbed the Internet looking for potential solutions to the problem, from changing the IP address on the router itself to modifying its DHCP scope to avoid conflicting IP addresses, which I suspected were causing my wireless connectivity issues all along. The solutions I found did work but not for long. The next day I would be back to square one all over again.
Then I came across one more solution that’s working so well that it seems to be holding up three days later. It does involve some advanced tweaking but the wireless bliss that follows is priceless.
In a nutshell, you simply need to set the modem to Bridged Ethernet mode, which is done by logging on to your modem’s GUI and changing some settings.
Then you go to your wireless router’s GUI and configure it to use PPPoE instead of DHCP and fill in your login credentials, which include your user ID and network password. The instructions for that are at step 4 on this page.
It all makes sense. By configuring your modem to Bridged mode and the router to use PPPoE, the router now handles the task of establishing your Internet connection. For once the two devices are actually working together instead of engaging in the usual tug-of-war hostilities that have caused many a headache.
I think this is the last post on the matter.

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