Riding my bike in the dark.

I ride my bike at night, along the streets caressed by the streetlights with their soothing light. Cars pass me by, oblivious to the fact there are slower, gentler ways to move about. Yet these cars hurry about, seemingly intent on completing the tasks on some invisible list that just keeps filling up.
Me, I just disregard that list. I need to. I ride at night as a means of escape from the stress of unemployment, money problems and the reality of a life gone terribly sour. Of course, these problems will still be waiting for me when I get home, but for now, I need to get away.
As I ride along, a dark street catches my eye. I can’t help but wonder what’s there to explore. I soon find myself daring myself to ride down the darkest street I have ever seen. No street lights, nothing to show the way. Dare I venture down this dark stretch of road?
Before I can decide, my bike already begins to make its way to the dark street. As I approach, I see nothing but darkness consuming the road ahead. I see a few cats who run away at my approach.
My front wheel enters the dark void. I look ahead but can hardly make out what lies ahead. I feel nervous, scared even. Yet my bike keeps going.
Soon the darkness is such that I cannot see anything. I can feel the breeze on my face and I can feel the gentle vibration from the handlebars as they transmit the pulses from the tires meeting the pavement. As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I can make out a distant street light and some homes on the street. Occasionally a beam of light wanders far enough for me to get a sense of the area.
I can see a little but still the street is dark, very dark. There is no telling what may jump out and scare the life out of me. A pack of feral dogs? More cats? Heaven forbid, maybe a street gang. But it was none of those. It was just the dark street along with shadows of trees illuminated by the distant street light. Yet my bike keeps going.
I find myself whispering to my bike as if it can hear.
Come on bike, I say. Don’t fail me now.
I put my complete faith in my bike.
I trust it to carry me through the darkness. As if I gambled everything on my bike’s ability to carry me to safety.
Soon I arrive at the end of the street, blocked by a fence. Behind it is a street light so I can see. The light illuminates a path through some nearby bushes to a clearing behind the fence. Curious, I ride on the path, into the light, into the clearing and in a parking lot on the other side of the fence.
I am safe.
I am free from the darkness.
The darkness will return, I know, but for now, I am free.


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