Over the cliff we go.

On New Year’s Eve I was watching the news to see if a deal had been reached to avoid the fiscal cliff. As expected, there was none.

It turned out that during the late night session in which lawmakers attempted to work out a last-minute deal, the two sides were standing at opposite ends of the room, blaming the other side for the budget crisis and daring them to make the first move. This bickering and finger-pointing lasted well into the night and when the clock struck midnight there was a stunned silence. Everyone began wondering why nothing got accomplished despite President Obama’s insistence that a deal be worked out.

It was at this point that all the politicians began to float off the floor. The Republicans actually believed they could fly and House Speaker John Boehner was heard to say, “Actually, this is kind of cool.”

The Democrats on the other hand were not impressed. They knew what was really happening and wondered how long it would be before the Republicans realized that the very country under their feet had just fallen over the cliff. The Democrats hovered in mid-air with crossed arms and stern faces, watching the Republicans execute somersaults and flights across the room.

Then the United States reached the bottom of the cliff and struck the ground with a jolting force. The Democrats hit the floor and rolled to absorb the shock before they got up back on their feet. The Republicans weren’t so lucky. Every one of them crashed through the floor, leaving large holes where they landed.

For a brief moment it was only the Democrats in the meeting room with large holes in the floor. Then the Republicans, all at the same time, slowly emerged from below the floor and looked around the meeting room in a stunned silence.

And then the Republicans, all of them and at the same time, uttered in unison, “WHA’ HAPPENED?”

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