Remembering Enterprise Square.


Imagine walking into a darkened room to watch a welcome video from Bob “Enterprise Square” Hope. Suddenly the video is interrupted when a spaceship crashes into the room. Inside the spaceship are two aliens (Bubbin and Zazzie) and a robot (Quonk) who had to do a crash landing on Earth when they ran out of the “gleply” that fuels their flight through space. In order to replenish their supply of gleply, they decide to launch a business to help them raise the funds needed to purchase their fuel supply.

So begins your tour of Enterprise Square, an educational tourist attraction in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that introduces visitors to the concept of free enterprise through hands-on exhibits, computer games, singing anamatronic dollar bills, talking robots and frequent encounters with Bubbin, Zazzie, and Quonk. The tour ends with a fast-paced slide show presentation that tells the story of how the aliens managed to raise money to refuel their spaceship with gleply for their return trip to space.

I was so enchanted by Enterprise Square that I visited it frequently. It was easily within walking distance from where I lived and was a most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

I was saddened to hear that Enterprise Square closed its doors in 2002, yet its memory lives on through those who were fortunate enough to visit it. This site has photos and more details about the various exhibits in the museum.

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