Do you Yapoo?


Missing Pages – Missing People Search – Secret Maps – Classified documents – Personal secrets – Rumor Chat – Snail Mail
My Yapoo! – Scandals – Snorts – Whether – Employee Lounge Gossip

  • Farts and Humiliating Noises
    Arc Hit Ecture, Photog Raphy, Lite Rature…
  • Businomy and Econess [Xtra!]
    None of your business, Fia ‘n’ Ace, Get a job and GET A LIFE! …
  • Computer help for stupid morons [Xtra!]
    Pain Interneck, Spider web sightings, Underware, FREE AOL disks!…
  • Edukation
    Other Universes, K9 Skools, FREE College Diplomas…
  • Entertoinment [Xtra Large!]
    Lukewarm Links, B Movies, So-called Music, Good Humor Ice Cream…
  • Glovernmint
    Military Computers, Poli Tictacs [Xtra!], Lawyers Tacks…
  • Hellth [Xtra!]
    Homemade Medicine, Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll…
  • Mews and Nedia [Xtra!]
    Water Currents, Gaggazines, TV show reruns, Oldspapers…
  • 5 Minutes of Free Time [Xtra!]
    Splorts, Deathmatch Games, Time Travel, Semi-Autos, Virtual Outdoors…
  • Referee Reference
    Libraries, Old Dictionaries, Disconnected Numbers…
  • Regional
    Countries, Uninhabited Territories, State of Confusion…
  • Slimience
    Babeology, Dessertology, Astrology, Engine Hearing…
  • Anti-social anti-science
    Apology, Euology, Whatology…
  • Social Register and Culture Club
    People Cloning, Enviro Mint, Reli Gone…

Yapooligans! for Kids – Beat Rice’s Guide – MTV/Yapoo! unplugged – Yapoo! Internet Knife
What’s Old – Weekly Nose Picks – Today’s WWF Events
Credit Card Overloading Guide – Yapoo! Store
World Yapoos Australia & NZ – Canada – Denmark – France – Germany – Japan – Korea
Norway – SE Asia – Sweden – UK & Ireland
Yapoo! Metros
Get Real!
Atlanta – Austin – Boston – Chicago – Dallas / Fort Worth – Los Angeles
Miami – Minneapolis / St. Paul – New York – S.F. Bay – Seattle – Wash D.C.
Just plain dumb shopping

How to Suggest a Sight – Company Infoo – Closings at Yapoo! – Contributtheads – Yapoo! Pizza to Go

This is a VERY old Yahoo parody I did many years ago, back when Yahoo’s main page looked similar to the above. It had since been part of my web siteĀ  and remains one of my favorite pages. I suppose an apology to Yahoo is in order but I’m pretty sure even the folks at Yahoo have a sense of humor too.

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