Goodbye, Palm Beach Mall.

After years of standing as a vacant eyesore, the Palm Beach Mall has finally been demolished to make way for an outlet mall. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a quick drive there for some pictures. I took great care not to trespass on the construction site, choosing instead to stay behind the chain-link fence that was set up to border the site.


The empty building here was once occupied by George’s Music Superstore, one of the last stores to close at the mall. Next door to George’s is another vacant building where the Borders bookstore used to be. The main entrance that once stood next to Borders is now gone.


This picture was taken in the JC Penney parking lot. The space once occupied by Dillard’s, Macy’s and Sears is now bare ground.


The chain-link fence that borders the construction site in the JC Penney parking lot.


To take this picture, I went to the Target store across the street on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, which has its own parking garage and the store itself on the second floor. There is a Starbucks with seating next to the windows, and it is here I got the best view yet of the demolished mall. The most striking thing about this picture is that Interstate 95 is actually visible in the background to the north. There used to be a view of the Sears store where I once worked.


The main entrance to the mall is now blocked off. No longer is it possible to drive the perimeter of the mall without the chain-link fence blocking your way.

On a side note, I went to JC Penney with the intent on doing some shopping but ended up leaving disappointed. The menswear department no longer has the wide selection of clothing it once had and there are empty sections of floor where racks of merchandise once stood. Is this store closing soon too? The store does profess that it’s staying where it’s at but time will tell otherwise.

I’ll keep this blog updated with new pictures of the outlet mall as construction progresses. In the meantime you may wish to check out one of my older posts that has pictures I took inside the mall not long before it closed its doors.

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