Generic demolished destination.

First off, never fear. The Gardens Mall and CityPlace are both intact and still in business.

The last few posts have been part of an ongoing experiment in which I posted the same photo of the demolished Palm Beach Mall but specified various locations for the caption to create the sense that there is a trend of demolition taking place, hopefully creating a sense of panic among tourists and residents of Palm Beach County who rarely venture outside their homes.

Then I came up with the words “Generic Demolished Destination” as the basis of the caption and began to explore the possibilities of its usefulness. For example, if your date wants to go out to dinner at an extremely expensive restaurant with entrees way out of your budget, you can just present the below photo and tell your date that the expensive restaurant has been demolished and that you’d rather grab some sandwiches to go from your local sandwich shop.


I foresee the Generic Demolished Destination photo coming in handy to get you out of various potentially uncomfortable and awkward situations, such as dinner at your in-laws or that expensive family vacation you don’t want to take. I already foresee the controversy of showing the Generic Demolished Destination photo to your kids and telling them that Disney World is no more. As a consequence, this would carve such deep emotional scars that your kids will conspire to have you moved into a nursing home long before you retire.

Use the Generic Demolished Destination photo at your own risk. I refuse to be held responsible for whatever happens afterwards.

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