The return of The Daily Bucket.

My online presence continues to expand with The Daily Bucket, my own online newspaper assembled from news sources such as USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and ESPN. It was created using, which allows you to create your own custom newspapers in minutes. I’ve heard about for some time now and have decided to try it out. A few minutes after signing up, I had The Daily Bucket’s news sources selected and the virtual newspaper itself online and in service. I’ll have to play around with this and fine-tune the news sources to my liking but The Daily Bucket will stay online and available to quench your never-ending thirst for news. I hope you find it useful and enough to add it to your daily online travels.

The Daily Bucket was originally a phony newspaper I created in high school that had a small following consisting of fellow classmates who enjoyed reading it, some of whom even made contributions to the paper themselves. The Daily Bucket never made it beyond being handwritten on notebook paper but it was still a very fun way to break up the tedium of high school life. It is nice to bring the Daily Bucket back, this time with a far more useful purpose.

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