A World Undone.

I just finished reading A World Undone, an eBook I checked out from my local library and easily the largest book I have read on my Kindle so far. I had checked it out to satisfy my curiosity on the story of World War I, and after having finally finished it, I can only conclude I got much more information out of it than I had originally bargained for. In fact, I think it falls into the category for High-Definition History Books. This book uncovers the events of the war in such minute detail I can’t help but wonder if the author had access to a time machine so he could fly back in time to firsthand witness the battles and interview its participants. This author has really done his homework.

I admit this is the first book I have read on World War I but I think it’s the last one I really need to read on the subject. It covers in exhaustive detail the events leading up the war and how the participating countries were drawn into combat. Even the battles are described with respect to the weather conditions, the strategies, the battle itself and the enormous suffering inflicted on the combatants not only during the battle but in their preparations for the next one.

It’s clear that the soldiers weren’t the only ones suffering during the war, but also their families at home and ultimately the countries that took part in the conflict. Add the fact that this war barely accomplished anything and you have a thorough summary of one of history’s great tragedies. Truly, this book is a definitive summary of the pointlessness of war. That does put a whole lot more truth to the saying “War doesn’t decide who’s right, but who’s left.”

Overall I found this book interesting but perhaps a little too detailed for someone just looking for a basic summary of World War I. History buffs, however, will enjoy devouring its every word as long as they don’t mind the high fiber content.


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