Freeware 3-D maker.


The recent surge in the 3-D photos I’ve been posting on this blog have been made possible by the DVDVideoSoft’s Free Studio, which contains an entire suite of freeware utilities to convert your audio and video files to other formats. There are also utilities for creating your own 3-D photos and videos, both of which are easy to use and create superb results.

The 3-D photos were taken with an ordinary digital camera. After taking the first picture, I move the camera a few inches to the right and take the second picture. I then use the free 3-D photo maker to combine the two photos to create the final anaglyph that is viewable with red/blue viewing glasses.

I’ve also tried out the 3-D video maker and it too works well. The video I used was taken from aboard a commuter train I rode to work one morning. I aimed the camera out the window to show the traffic the train was holding up. I loaded this one video in the 3-D video maker and less than a minute later it created the video that looked incredible when I watched it through the viewing glasses. When creating 3-D videos with one video, you would have to shoot the video so that the motion is constant, as in riding the train and aiming the camera out the window.

Good stuff. My passion for creating 3-D photography has just been reignited all over again.


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