The strange world of Google Maps.

Google Maps has got to be one of the coolest tools on the Web. Where else can I go on a virtual drive all over the country without leaving my computer? I can “drive” by houses where I’ve lived in the past as well as houses where members of my family live.

Recently I’ve especially taken interest in my late grandmother’s house. The photo of the house as seen on Google Maps looks very haunting, just standing there under the clouds. The house itself is overflowing with memories of my many visits, from many years ago when I was little to just weeks ago when I paid one last visit to the house to salvage anything I needed before the new owners move in. I’m going to miss that house and of course the people who once lived there.

I took the below screenshot of the house while Google Maps was in 3-D mode. Seeing the photo through my viewing glasses does breathe some life into the street view but there can be some strange side effects.

If you have a pair of 3-D glasses, put them on now and pay close attention to the house on the right. When seen without the glasses, the houses are all lined up in a row, but when you put the glasses on, the house on the right appears to sink into the background, making the front steps appear stretched and elongated. I don’t know how Google renders the street view in 3-D mode but it does produce some interesting, if not surreal, results.



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