Dewey Readmore Books.


Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World is a wonderful tribute to a single cat who made a difference in countless lives across the nation and around the world. His story is lovingly told by a retired librarian who found him as an abandoned kitten in the library’s book drop and raised him to become Dewey Readmore Books, the world’s most famous library cat. People traveled from all over the globe to visit the library just to see Dewey, yet he was just an ordinary cat who offered his companionship to patrons in exchange for some attention and a warm lap to lie on. It’s inspiring to think such simple acts can touch the lives of so many people.

I admit I had never even heard of Dewey until I spotted the book available for checkout at my library’s web site. As I read this book, it felt like Dewey touched my life, too. I cried when I read how affectionate and trusting he was even as a tiny kitten. I was touched by his loving nature as he roamed the library to greet the patrons and keep them company.¬† I was laughing at the descriptions of his silly antics and cried once more during the sad narrative of Dewey being put to sleep.

Reading this book gave me a deeper appreciation for all that cats and dogs do for us. Too often we take them for granted, other times they’re just obstacles to gently push aside with our feet. But they’re there for us, devoting their short lives to us and being there for us to help us conquer whatever life throws at us. How sad we forget that.

Great book. Prepare to have your heart strings strummed.

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