The ad banner that ruined my life.


I was recently surfing the web when I came across a page with an ad banner offering rides aboard a UFO through outer space. Instantly a wave of excitement overtook me to leave me starving for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Before I knew it I had clicked on the ad and was taken to a web site with extremely broken English but with a more detailed description of what was on offer.

Welcome to limit space flight! If you are looking for life through outer space aboard a UFO was inspired! We are in contact with extraterrestrial flying saucer spaceship with, they can bring you! In the universe of your home to see the world! FUN! Book your trip now!

At this point I could resist no longer and had clicked on the link to book my trip. Never mind that this whole thing sounded too good to be true, I really wanted to go. Then I came across a page with details of a special offer.

Congratulation! You’re in lucky! We have a special deal, you fly in space! $10,000 in U.S. national money and real UFO from outer space ride! Whoa! Back pay the rest balance when you return! SOOOOO only 15 minutes left in the trading action right now! Do not wait!

Before I knew it I had pulled out my wallet and had entered my check card information to deplete my checking account of $10,000. I had just inherited this money I was going to use to pay off some of my debts but clearly, a ride in outer space was way more important. After submitting my payment, I received this e-mail:

Thank deposit. You still have to pay as soon as possible, $20,000 in the United States before green man can fly, and then we put you in UFO flying out of space! Hold time and effort! Come on!

By this time my enthusiasm for flying to outer space began to fade. I just made the $10,000 payment and now they were asking for another $20,000 before I could actually fly in the UFO? My realization of this painful truth ended my desire to proceed with booking the UFO flight any further, so I sent an e-mail to the company to demand a refund. A few minutes later I got this e-mail:

Sorry! All final payment! You can not get your money back! Now! Hurry to pay 20,000 U.S. for to fly in UFO! Now! Green Man is waiting!

That’s when I finally realized that I had just been robbed of $10,000. I became angry at whoever was running this scam and most of all, I was angry with myself for letting myself fall victim to this scam.

I am now completely broke and my checking account completely drained. I could have put that money to better use than to fulfill some false fantasy at the expense of my valued treasury now completely depleted. I was hoping to use the money to silence the collection calls and get my debts resolved but because of my foolishness and ignorance my phone rings louder than ever with the song of impatient creditors.

Oh yeah, and I still get this e-mail, about 500 times a day.

We are still waiting for payment. Do not miss!

The nightmare is far from over. In fact, it has just begun.


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