My blog resuscitated.

This past Sunday I was checking my blog to make sure my weekly bookmark update posted properly after having had some difficulty configuring the auto-post feature from my account on Diigo. Imagine my shock when I instead saw a notification from WordPress that this blog was shut down for a violation of their terms of service. I’ve been with WordPress for years and had taken pride in running an innocent blog that doesn’t knowingly violate their terms of service in any way.

Immediately I filled out the contact form on the notification page to inquire about what happened. I was very upset that 6 years’ worth of posts had disappeared overnight and wasn’t sure what I could have done to trigger the shutdown. Was it one of my posts that someone deemed too offensive? Was I really evil without my knowing it? For the rest of the day my mind was awash with possible explanations and conspiracy theories.

This morning I heard back from WordPress. My blog was flagged by the automatic spam controls at WordPress and after a review, the suspension notice was removed. I also received a humble apology from WordPress, which I gladly accepted.

Still, I wondered what could have triggered the suspension notice and after a quick investigation, I think I know the cause. It was the weekly bookmark update from Diigo. I had configured it to include all the public annotations for each link I added to my bookmarks and sure enough there were some spam comments that sneaked into this blog to trigger the alert that brought on its demise. I have since removed the offending post and re-configured Diigo’s auto post feature to include only my descriptive annotations for each link.

Stupid spammers.


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