Never mind Evernote.

For the past year, Evernote was a very valuable tool that kept me efficient and organized at my job where I do tech support. I created notes with links to online tools and phone numbers and also saved clippings of important work-related bulletins. Evernote was the one tool I used to keep my stuff filed away as orderly as a file cabinet.

But last week, Evernote had made some changes to its interface that dramatically reduced my efficiency. Editing my notes became painstakingly slow and merely switching notes slowed down my computer so much I had to close the Evernote window just to get my work done.

I e-mailed customer service about this issue and they only apologized. Never mind reverting the interface back to the version that worked perfectly, just apologize and go on to the next unhappy customer. That was all I needed to delete all my notes and close my account. I won’t go back to Evernote again.

So now I found myself in need of another service for keeping my links and phone numbers. My job does have its own webmail site but it’s been down so many times I can’t depend on it.

Here are some Evernote alternatives I found:

  • Pastebin – It’s hard to imagine using a site for storing pasted text as a source for organizing my notes but I thought I could use Pastebin this way.  It doesn’t save anything with clickable links, so my newfound purpose there was quickly defeated.
  • Google Keep – It’s nice for creating simple notes but I’m looking for something that lets me store my notes in HTML format so I can click on the links contained within.
  • Skydrive – This one looks promising. There’s a OneNote Web App here that lets me create a notebook complete with  links and images. Switching notes is a little slow and the app does periodically crash so I’m guessing this isn’t the one I’m looking for either.
  • Simplenote – A nice service for creating simple online notes. Unfortunately it saves the notes in plain text and doesn’t do HTML notes.
  • Springpad – This is the one I’m going with.  I can create stylish notebooks with images and links and it looks like I’ll be able to switch notes  more quickly. I set up my notes there over the weekend and will put it to the test when I go back to work. Time will tell if Springpad is the notebook service I’ve been missing.

UPDATE: Springpad failed to load on my computer at work because of the older version of Internet  Explorer still in use. I later cancelled my account. I will stick with the OneNote Web App on SkyDrive.

UPDATE: I heard back from Evernote. Amazingly the tech support representative apologized for being insensitive when he responded to my complaint with a mere apology and then offered some insight on the issues I was having. Too late for that now. My account there is already gone and my mind is made up not to use Evernote ever again.


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