Keeping it simple with Simplenote.

While searching for another place to store my online notes after dumping Evernote, I came across a possible replacement called Simplenote. I briefly gave it a try but decided to dump it when I realized it only saved simple text notes and not HTML-rendered notes with clickable links.

Then it dawned on me that perhaps my notes don’t really need to be fancy or clickable, so I decided to give Simplenote another try and before I knew it, it started growing on me. I saved plain-text versions of my notes there and marveled at how quickly I can switch from one note to the next through the simplistic, speedy interface. I can assign keywords to each note and make the notes accessible through a public link. That’s all you really need to know to use Simplenote. I like it and am already looking for other uses for it. I can only hope that it stays simple and fast no matter what pending features are forthcoming as the service continues to evolve.

UPDATE: When I discovered that Simplenote supports Markdown-formatted text to format my text and create tables and embedded links, its usefulness increased exponentially.  Now I’m more convinced than ever that I have found a decent notebook service that works well enough to replace Evernote.

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